A maxi cab in SG is a well looked for transportation service in Singapore amongst tourists and locals. Well known for their luxurious seating and style, maxi cabs are used in airport transfers, tour transfers, wedding and event transportation in its high functionality capacity. Never complained about, a maxi cab is a perfect size for 6 to 7 seaters and takes the shape of a mini limousine. Maxi cab in SG are easy to find and rarely unavailable. So, if you are coming to Singapore for a holiday and looking for a cosy cab to fit your entire family or group of friends, maxi cabs are your best option.

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There are many features of a maxi cab that makes the service so attractive. Even amongst locals, it is a highly desirable mode of transportation for hiring during weddings, birthdays, graduation celebrations and a fun night out. If you are considering hiring a Maxi Cab in SG and would like more information about it – Here are 5 features of a Maxi Cab that you will be able to enjoy if you decide to hire one.

1. Comfort Of Maxi Cab Seats

Depending on the type of car, all maxi cabs are usually designed to provide you with utmost comfort no matter the position of the seating and style of the chairs. Most maxi cabs will be cushioned in premium quality and have headrests and arm rests to provide you with luxury and relaxation.

Whilst you rest in the comfort of the car, the driver will serve you with refreshments and water to keep you hydrated. It is always a good idea after a long day out to stay hydrated and rest in the comfort of a luxurious and clean atmosphere. Choosing a maxi cab will give you the quality of service and comfortability you so desire around Singapore. Want to read up more about our Maxicab services before you decide? Feel free to. We are 1 of Singapore’s most popular maxicab drivers in Singapore!

leather skin upholstery in a maxi cab

2. Spaciousness

Another feature of a maxi cab is it has optimal space. You may have luggage if you have arrived and booked a maxi cab for an airport transfer. A maxi cab has huge baggage space for you to fit your luggage and passengers without any disruption. If you are looking for a car with optimal leg room, maxi cabs are also suitable for you. In height you may be taller and have longer legs that need more space, a maxi cab has a front seat and two rows of seating to find a seat that suits you best. Usually, customers will prefer to utilise the first two rows of seats and keep the back for children. However, in whatever arrangement you decide, maxi cabs rely on the quality and spaciousness of the car design that gives you comfort and satisfaction in size, shape and space.

3. Quality of your Ride

When out and about, car rides can either be a rest time or a time of tension if you are in a rush going to the airport for example. In a maxicab, we try our best to take the responsibility of getting where you need to be at the right time. The design and interiors of our car are fitted to give you the best journey when possible and steered by well talented experienced drivers who help to make every ride the most enjoyable it can be. When on the road, most often each ride is smooth and unproblematic to give you the experience of what luxury living is like on the road.

work in a maxi cab effortlessly

4. Number of Passengers

As mentioned, the number of passengers that a maxi cab can fit is between 7- 8 passengers. In the event that more passengers are joining, you may upgrade to a mini bus which can hold up to 13 people.

sit up to 8 in a maxicab

5. Type of Car

A maxi cab in SG can come in either an Alphard, Vellfire or Sedan. Each vehicle is designed in its interior to be luxurious and classy in style, especially for comfort and high-end living. What better way to experience how fashion icons, celebrities and stars move around at a price that costs half of what you would expect.

In fact, to get a maxi cab in SG is no more than hiring two cabs for a standard taxi price to fit your group of 6 to 7 people. If you are looking for a specific type of Maxi Cab, do read up our article on the Types of Cabs available in Singapore.

10 Jun 2020