Since its inception on 31st October 2017, Changi Airport Terminal 4 has been hosting travelers from around the world as much as 16 to 82 million of capacity per anum. When visitors or residents land at Changi Airports, their most preferred choice is to take a taxi to their hotel or home respectively. Therefore, maxi cab in SG has become a popular topic because most travelers are carrying bulky bags and therefore, maxi cab is in huge demand nowadays. 

There are many taxi companies available in the market to keep up with the high taxi demand in Singapore, ARJ Limousine Service provides an efficient way to book maxi cab in SG online at without charging any booking fee to beat its competitors such as Comfort and Grab who charge a standard booking fee.

There are many different options when it comes to booking the cab. Here, we will share the 3 different types of cabs available in Singapore. 

  1. Normal – 4 Seater Sedan 
  2. Grab – 4, 6, 7, 9, 13, 23, 40 Seater
  3. Limousine – 6,7,9,13 Seater

Normal – 4 Seater Sedan: 

There are many normal 4 seater sedan cab companies in Singapore providing normal 4 seater rides. For instance, Comfort Taxi, CityCab, SMRT Taxis, Trans Cab, Premier Taxis, Prime Taxi, HDT Electric Taxi, Yellow-Top Taxi. They all provide normal and maxi cab booking via phone and some have booking options through apps. Some of these cab companies have been serving Singaporeans long before Singapore became an independent state.

Grab – 4, 6, 7, 9, 13, 23, 40 Seater:

Ever since its inception in June 2012, Grab has been quite popular among taxi companies. Last year Grab took over Uber too expanding its wings to compete with the other taxi companies in the region. Grab also provides a variety of services such as JustGrab, GrabShare, Standard Taxi, GrabHitch, GrabCar Plus and GrabCar 6 seater which is similar to maxi cab services and provides maxi cab booking via its mobile app.

Limousine 6,7,9,13 Seater:

Limo Taxi provides a luxurious cab experience with various premium car brands such as Volkswagen, Toyota Camry, Mercedes, Limousine Taxi, Kia Magentis, London Cab, and Skoda Superb. They offer a wide variety of seating options such as normal 4 seater sedan, 5, 7 seaters and more seating capacity for passengers to choose from. There are a variety of Limo Taxi Service Providers in Singapore who provide both phone and online booking services. For instance, Limousine Cab, Limo Taxi Cab, prime Limousine, Maxi Cab, Mercedes Taxi, SMRT Taxi, Comfort Limo, Premier Taxis, Limo Maxi Taxi, and Limo Transport.

With these wide varieties of cab companies providing different types of cabs available in Singapore, it is understandable that in order to be number one in this already saturated market, existing companies have to keep up with the tough competition. They need to provide premium quality services to fulfill all aspects of consumer demands, be it 4 seater taxis or maxi cab in Singapore. In fact, maxi cab in SG along with the 4 seater cab, is a highly in-demand service that has a high barrier to entry. Therefore, in order to keep up with the demand and supply, current cab companies need to keep up with the quality standards, value for money premium cab services.

29 Nov 2019