What is a Maxi Cab Service?

A maxi cab also known as a maxi taxi is in its literal translation, a large taxi. It is a vehicle that can carry 7 passengers comfortably for a large family or a group of friends. Maxi cabs can come in Alphards, Vellfire, Mercedes Viano, all vehicles which can comfortably fit passengers and a large room for luggage. If ever you are travelling in a large group where you would need more than 2 taxi’s to get anywhere, Maxi Cab in Singapore is a good option and here is why!

maxi cabs parked in a specific location in Singapore

Why take a maxi cab vs public transport or taxi?

In very popular demand now in Singapore, the size, reasonable pricing and comfortability makes a maxi cab very attractive. Most cabs can fit up to 7 passengers and are perfectly sized for families larger than 4 if you are wanting to travel together. The maximum number of passengers to a standard cab in Singapore is 4 people which makes moving around troublesome when having to travel separately. Singapore known for its reliable public transportation is also a convenient mode of travelling, however with 7 luggages and two kids to handle – how easy really would this be? Most Maxi cab bookings are made to and fro the airport especially after a long flight. The cars offered are fitted in comfortable cushioning and headrests, arm rests fitted on every chair and spacious leg room. Like Uber Black, premium VIP service, you are offered with complimentary bottles of water and towels.

inside a maxi cab which fit up to 7 passengers

Most people biggests concern is pricing. If we do a price comparison, of course – we cannot compare to public transport, the difference is too wide but so is the service! The price of a maxi cab is extremely reasonable. For an airport transfer to a hotel can cost you $65-75 dollars inclusive of toll fees, which you are comparing to a standard cab which may cost you $40. The difference is really not that much and you can save yourself having to pay for 2 standard cabs.

Hiring for your holiday?

Other than airport services, you can also book a maxi cab by the hour. The rates charged for a maxi cab in Singapore is $60 per hour. If you are on holiday in Singapore with your family, extended family and friends, a maxi cab is an affordable and convenient way to get around.

a view of tourist attraction in Singapore

The benefits to having your own cab is that you will have your own personal driver. So you have the luxury of travelling in style to the famous landmarks of Singapore and go as you wish. Book a maxi cab when you need to your schedule and you can take the time you need to explore to make your trip memorable and lavish.

17 Apr 2020