Luxurious maxi cab fleets

Maxi cab is a private, owner-operated minibus or limousine which are used as taxi services for transporting goods or passengers. It can fit more than 7 guests at one time, up to 10 people in total. In Singapore, maxi cabs are a very popular choice for tourists as well as locals that prefer to have a bigger fleet to transport big items or a group of people around the island.

Maxi-Cab is suitable for who?

It is suitable for tourists travelling in big groups, large families, companies as well as delegates and celebrities.

Maxi cab is big enough for 7 passengers

Benefits Of Maxi-Cab


Maxi cabs come in a variety of sizes and it is spacious inside, providing sufficient space for those looking for comfort and prefer not to squeeze into a cab. The exterior of the maxi cab looks luxurious and stylish so that one can feel sophisticated while riding it. In the event that you have bulky and heavy items that require transportation, maxi cabs are spacious and have sufficient space to hold heavy items such as equipment or luggage while still having space for passengers to sit. Compared to taxis where there is limited legroom as well as space to load items, you don’t have to worry about it if you take a maxi cab as there would not only be sufficient legroom for customers, there would also be space to keep items in the boot.


As maxi cabs only require you to book one vehicle to fit your whole group, it is much more convenient compared to taxis, where if you have a group more than 3, you would most probably need to book at least two fleets of taxis in order to fit everyone in your party. This can prove to be quite a hassle as

It is better to travel in a maxi cab rather than to split into multiple fleets to travel as it can be difficult to communicate and you all might reach at different timings, causing a loss of time as you have to wait for each other. Booking maxi cabs can help to ease off stress for you as bookings are handled ahead of time, and the pickup and dropoff time is fixed. If you were to take taxis instead, you would have to wait till before leaving the location to book taxis. This might cause stress as it can sometimes be difficult to book a cab and it might take a while for it to arrive. Hence, it is more convenient to book a cab at one time rather than booking multiple taxis at the same time.


Maxi cabs have wheelchair friendly options available and as long as you inform your driver beforehand, they would be able to arrange a fleet that can hold wheelchairs to be sent to your location. They also have specially designed ramps to take the wheelchair up to the maxi bus as the platform is quite high.


The cost of renting a maxi cab is very affordable especially if you have a large party. If split among the passengers, each individual would not need to pay beyond $20 per person. It is much cheaper in comparison to taxis if you look at the price of renting one maxi cab to booking two taxis.

In Singapore, the general price of renting a maxi cab for a one way trip from the airport to your lodging arrangement would be about $50 – $65. Compared to booking one taxi, the flat rate is $3 and booking fees would be an additional $3. and make that into 2 fleets, and depending on how long you take to reach the destination, it will determine your total bill, with every meter travelled to be $0.22. One of the biggest differences is that maxi cab bookings are fixed at a flat rate, which is made known to you and charged upfront before the service is completed. However, for taxis, they run their pricing rates by the meter. They have a base fee as well as a booking fee if you were to make a booking in advance. The total bill is difficult to correctly predict, making it difficult to make arrangements especially since you are travelling in a big group.

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Differences Between Maxi-Cab and Taxis

Maxi Cabs Taxi
Offers 7 seaters and above Offers 4 seaters only
Can be booked much in advance Earliest to make a booking is on the day itself
Spacious for passengers as well as equipment Limited legroom as well as boot space

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interior of a maxi cab


Maxi Cabs provide services with bigger groups in mind, knowing that making such arrangements can be such a hassle and there are many factors to consider especially if you need it for an important function or event. Customers are assured to have a pleasant and stress-free experience in a spacious maxi cab with the driver’s expertise and experience. With the ability to book in advance, you can have a peace of mind when it comes to transportation and focus on what really matters to you.

20 Apr 2020